Saturday, February 28, 2009

Notions and Knitting

After decades of sewing, I finally have my first narrow hemming foot. (3mm) I think I just used to avoid the whole issue of narrow hems, my clothes were much to practical. But I have a few light weight fabrics in the stash and I had left a blouse abandoned for several months. My attempts at a hand sewing edge were terrible, so I am in practice mode. I also picked up the ruffled organza elastic trim, it was a lot cheaper than the two hanks that I bought in France. The big buckle, I am always collecting purse findings, I have visions of making my own leather purse one of these days. I have saved my green leather coat and a black leather coat of my father's in hopes that I'll make a couple of fabulous purses.

The noro striped scarf is nearly done I am nearing the 6 foot mark. The socks are coming along as well and really don't have too much to knit to complete the first one.


Stephanie V said...

It's amazing how we can work around the lack of some tool for years and once we have it can't imagine being without it.
I love the moody looking, somehow, with the muted colors.

materfamilias said...

Oooh, that's a pretty Noro scarf -- I'm working on my second one now. Such fun to watch the colour story unfold.