Saturday, January 3, 2009

the snow effect

Another 6 inches of snow today, and it is getting to me. I'd love to stay wrapped up on the sofa, with a fire, a pot of tea, and a good book to read. I desire mashed potatoes, gravy and after the first course, I want chocolates and pudding. I am happy in my nice hand knit socks.
My hubby has been painting the 2 bedrooms in the new place, one will be his office and the other my sewing room and guest quarters. The colours we have chosen are Spiced Rum, a rich brown colour and for my room, Indian Summer. A terra cotta colour, lovely and warm and reminds me of Santa Fe. I do wonder what colour I would have chosen if it had not been snowing.

Damselfly wanted to know this years word, I think maybe I'll chose "Explore" . Although I am not moving very far, just a few blocks, there is a new neighbourhood and house to explore. Looking through catalogues, making decisions, changing things around and exploring the options.


Stephanie V said...

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just curl up with a good book, comfy socks and enough chocolates for weeks on end? It's the need to shop for more chocs that's hard to reconcile with that cozy vision. Your new house sounds like it will keep you busy for a while - nice colors.

Louisa said...

Good word choice! That oughtta keep you busy for awhile. Terra cotta is one of my fave colours too. I've never been to Santa Fe but Utah rocks are in the same colour scheme. Love 'em!