Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

The winter storms are still here, this is a long time to be near freezing in Vancouver. Enough with the piles of snow and still it snows a bit more each day. It is getting harder to turn into the driveway with the huge pile of snow on either side!
Last year, I chose a word to guide my year, instead of a resolution. My word was embrace and I tried to hug all the new experiences to me, it was a lovely year! I just may have embraced a little too much food and not enough exercise but knitting and sewing and altered art creating were full experiences with lots of opportunities to learn.
So this year, I am thinking of using more of my stash, I don't intend to not buy new things. I just plan to spend mindfully. I have been packing up my things, prior to moving house. The fabric, the wool, the craft supplies are mountains deep. The books are also an impressive pile.
I plan to use more of the recipes and cook more often. I had gotten out of the habit and I have found enjoyment in cooking again.

Damselfly posted this video called Tiny knitting today. Such lovely small sweaters. There were some related videos on a new movie and info on making the miniature figures. A great one on hair.

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Louisa said...

"Embrace" was a great inspirational word! So what's your new word for 2009, Rosemary? Or is it a continuation?