Monday, December 1, 2008

road trip

We drove up to Williams Lake this weekend, a seven and a half hour trip. A much better drive coming home as the road was dry but there was still a fair bit of fog. Fog, rain, slush on the road going up made us glad we had 4wheel drive. This was a fair size group of Mountain sheep at the side of the road, about 16 animals, I didn't count.

I have never been in the Cariboo when there was snow, just a skiff on the ground but living on the coast I have never seen sage brush, and golden grasses in the snow before. I was quite taken with a different colour scheme.

While my husband was out lecturing, I stayed in the hotel and sewed a jacket. It was just a track jacket made of sweatpant fabric but there was a few things new to me and I still have the zipper to put in.

I met up with my cousin for a chat and on the way home stopped for a bite to eat at Bridal Falls and a nursing buddy was in the next booth. It was great to catch up with her as well.

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