Monday, December 22, 2008

It sure is pretty.

The snowy wonderland is beautiful. While the snow was falling yesterday, I did my first round of baking, mincemeat tarts, brownies and mincemeat squares. I think there is another baking day in the next day or so, I think I'll be doing shortbread, using my mom's favorite recipe, Melting Shortbread, I am thinking a gooey square loaded with sugar. I had delicious pecan squares at a bridal shower on Friday and probably don't need any more but oh so good.
No more snow is expected today but there is more in the forecast before Christmas, thank goodness a neighbour has a showplow on his truck and is keeping our road in great condition.


Stephanie V said...

That neighbor sounds like someone every street should have. I guess we'll enjoy it while it's here as it is temporary. Be nice just to have the roads clear and safe for all the Christmas travellers.

Heather G. said...

Anyone who has been storing a snowplow in Vancouver must be feeling pretty vindicated around now!