Saturday, November 22, 2008

TV shows and knitting

I am plodding along with this sweater. I have adjusted the pattern to my gauge and love knitting with Briggs and Little Regal, if I screw up and have to take out the needle, the little stitches stand up at attention, so although I just added a few strange ribs to the sweater and it will be fairly short, I am enjoying this knit. I have started the second front and am just starting the third ball of yarn, it has super yardage.
I finished my Madtosh socks and I have taken a few pictures but I don't like the colour in them so will have to take some more.

As a tv addict, I watch a lot of shows and am always interested in what people are wearing. I have seen some really interesting sweaters on Doc Martin, usually worn by Pauline, Louisa's are practical. Pauline had a cute crocheted number on Sunday night, green in colour, the red shrug, that was knitted had interesting construction.

A couple of weeks ago on the Mentalist, the widow in the episode had on a sheath dress with a trim of yo-yos asymmetrically around the neck. Not cheesy cotton yo-yos but some fine fabric done with finesse.

I can't get into watching MadMen but a lot of people are liking the retro look of the clothes.

The hostess on So you think you can Dance Canada, had an interesting dress a couple of weeks back, hard to explain, black folds of net across a nude underlining and a bustier top with black pleats across the cups. If later you watch CSI, the same dress was worn on a lady of the evening.


Stephanie V said...

I used to be quite taken with the sweaters that the men wore on Monarch of the Glen. And, I find myself looking at some of the women's knitted fashions wondering how I could recreate them. maybe we're all afflicted.

Heather G. said...

I remember seeing a thread on Ravelry about the sweaters on Monarch of the Glen.

I watch sweaters on TV too... I think it is an affliction common to knitters. Missed the yoyo dress, though!