Thursday, October 9, 2008

Decluttered space and a restless mind

About every 2 months I start a journal entry with I must get organized. I usually have this revelation when I can't settle on any one craft or any one project. The house is now decluttered but now I am scared to start anything, in case I make a mess.
Our home for 28 years is up for sale and we have bought a townhouse. We are very excited about the whole thing. More details to come later.
So my craft area in the rec room is unrecognizable and my sewing room has never looked so spacious, we didn't go in for the whole styling of the place but a few pieces of furniture were moved into storage along with many boxes.
I have one banker box with some sock yarn and the Briggs and Little aran cream yarn and I have a fairly complicated sweater pattern that I am working on, I don't think I have done six inches yet but when the back is done I'll take pictures and post.
In the meantime, I haven't been happy with the buttons on Hey Teach. So I searched out Fabricland and Wallmart today with no luck. I searched for plain plastic rings to make Dorset buttons, no luck there either. I have now decided to stitch the button hole closed a wee bit, that will work.
My coat for the GreatCoat Sewalong, has been packed up as well. I have managed some of the thread basting but I hope it is not in hiatus too long.

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Stephanie V said...

It must be so strange to have all that space...