Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall colours

Although we still have the occasional warm day where sandals and no coat are in order, most days are definitely cooler and soon socks and sweaters will be needed when I go outside. The little child in me, still delights in picking up coloured leaves. These colours excite me and it is probably because the sky is often gray.
This is the yarn I received this month from Webs, lovely and soft. I don't know what I will make from it.

This is my jewel-tone wrap that I finished knitting at least 2 years ago. I finally blocked it and wove in the ends. I washed it in Eucalan first and I was surprised that the colour ran, the water looked like grape juice. I have nothing to wear with this stole and that was why is sat in a drawer collecting dust.

Here is my finished Hey Teach, yarn Mission Falls and Noro Silk Garden. My guage is a bit off, so it is too large, especially in the back and I have used the old trick of using a clip in the front, when I am posing for the back view. I added an inch and a half to the overall length and need to replace my buttons.


Heather G. said...

Hey TEACH! Very very nice!! How is the fit? Our leaves are barely turning here.

Stephanie V said...

Love the shawl. When the colors ran did the tone soften so that it was more clothes compatible?