Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Organization--the bug bear!

Everyone once in awhile, when feeling disorganized, unable to settle on a project. I do a journal entry, just a pile of scribble with no editing. When I find my papers later, they always start with something to do with organization, just a list of chores, what to do first, where to put things. Today was no different.

My sewing and craft rooms are in a horrendous muddle and of course there is ironing to do as well. In order to not iron, I have come up with the following, some supplies are in the wrong room! Yikes!! My knitting yarns need to be moved to the rec room, since this is where I like to knit and my books on sewing and pattern books also have to move. I like to browse them in the rec room as well. To free up space, the doll stuff must be relocated and papers and paints should be moved to where it will be used as well.

I have a really great cutting out table which is the right height for me, my hubby custom made it a few years ago, it is on wheels and I move it all around my sewing room depending on what I am doing. It folds up as well and has storage underneath for fabrics. I also like to cut out my papers for book binding and I paint and dye fabric and paper at that table as well.

I have also decided to put away my doll making supplies. Sewing will be taking priority for the next while, so doll stuff can be put away in a couple of boxes in the bottom of the closet.

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Stephanie V said...

Organization is tough because our minds and hands are so busy we haven't got time to put anything away. That new project is never just 'over the horizon' - it's always screaming for attention before the current one is done. Good luck!