Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garden in bloom

The garden does have it's bright spots. Love this iris, don't know why I don't remember it from last year but it is a wonderful addition to the garden.
The peonies are a real blast of colour, I have three bushes and this is a shot of two of them, I like how different the flowers can be on a single bush.
Although the smoke bush has been prunned this year, it is getting massive and put on quite the display.
I need to plan a few herbs this morning, I was really ticked off with a crow that was attempting to eat the basil. I might have to put some sort of cage over it until it really gets rooted.

1 comment:

Stephanie V said...

Really pretty iris...but I'm disappointed (not!) that the crows find your basil attractive yet they pay no attention to mine at all. I didn't even know that they cared about the stuff.