Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fabric and Trim


I looked for yarn stores while in Europe and only found one in Rome and it was shut the day we looked in the window. At a street market in another little town in France, my husband said "there is yarn at the next table." I was quite excited and my hopes were dashed when all they had was eyelash yarn.

So,I had better luck with fabric stores, although they were all in the downtown core, sothey only had lovely expensive stuff to cover the rent. That didn't stop me. I was determined to find some souvineers.
In San Sebastion, I got some printed linen in greens, the sales clerk was wrapping the fabric around my hips, measuring my length and working out the numbers. I am thinking of a dress, probably a sheath. Three clerks in a very tiny store. Absolutely no English.

I found a wonderful sweater knit in Nice, the shop was small, probably a whole 8 feet in the middle of the store with a table to cut out the fabric. Very little English, but the owner gave me an extra half meter. It is coral with a shiny metallic thread running through it.

In Paris, I found two fabric stores one near the hotel, and managed to get a remnant of 2 meters of green linen with stretch. I got the yellow pages from the hotel desk, pages of fabric stores, I managed to find quite a few in one area within 1.5km of the hotel. We were quite disappointed to find we were in the wholesale district and expected to buy a bolt. We did luck out and find a shop of notions, I hadn't seen a button, zip or thread anywhere.[Photo]

Syage Fournitures, they had a 10meter minimum but I was able to pick up 2 trims that I had been looking for; elastic for t shirts with an organdy ruffle. I got white and beige. She said I could dye the white. They had other colours and several widths. I asked where I could be smaller amounts of fabric and she pointed out a street we had passed. I looked in a couple of stores and they didn't seem any too friendly. But I did find one, with a fabric I liked, off white linen with burnt out area that were coloured flowers. A good price and I wanted 2 meters but he said"deux noi, trois oui" So I ended up with 3 meters and, of course, that was also cash only.


Adriana said...

It looks like you've got some lovely pieces of fabric to remind you of your trip.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Rosemary - sounds as though you had a fabulous trip. And isn't half the fun looking for different stuff?!

Marji said...

What fabulous memories you'll have while sewing up these pretty fabrics. I absolutely adore those trims too.