Saturday, May 24, 2008

Challenging Magazines.

One of the things that I wanted to purchase in Europe, besides a piece of fabric from each country I visited, was a sewing magazine. I have had experience witah Burda patterns which is now available in English. Lots of patterns each month, with the patterns printed out roadmap style on the insert. One needs to add seam allowances and hems.
I was successful, I was delighted with my haul.
Patrones and di milleidee UOMO have the easiest pattern sheets to trace out and idees Couture is a real mish- mash of lines to manouver.
I can generally figure out the yardage and maybe a few other words. The italian magazines have some pictures of construction, as does the French magazine.
Cidell today has posted a link on her blog to translate Spanish for sewing.

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Marji said...

Pea green with envy. What a great haul, even if you only use them for inspiration, and fashion mag's.