Friday, April 11, 2008

Habit forming

I have belonged to Ravelry for awhile now. I find I have a ritual when I start to look at my bookmarks in the morning. I start with 3 or 4 clothing blogs, 1 online fabric store, and then I get on to Ravelry. First up, I go to groups, I am just so curious as to what new groups have been started since I last looked. I am only in about 7 groups and I have dropped out of a couple and may drop out of a couple more. Most of the time, I am only interested in knitting, or maybe my local area, I don't think I'll join any, tv show, ( I confess, I did belong to Greys Anatomy for awhile but I soon got tired of reading who had a crush on who and or why) religious or political groups, food related, book related or music related. I am pretty fickle with my blogs and sites that I visit. Everyday for years or just a couple of weeks. It is the same with yahoo groups, I have come and gone from quite a few of those as well.

Next, I check out the forums, just to catch up on the latest. I don't post alot, still don't manage to get pictures posted, although I have the how-to sheet on my desk, I haven't bothered with it yet.
Third, friends. Activity and then their blogs. (this is my favorite part)
Last, I do patterns. I check out all the designers who are featured.

One of my favorite online magazines has folded---Magknits.
Some sites that are just starting up are the following:
Knitting: Inside Studio
Sewing republic:
Is the site for Bernina, it will have free patterns.

A week from now I will be on vacation. I have found a fabric store in Rome, which has 200,000 bolts of fabric. I am going to put it in the gps, as well as the tavern down the street. The men will get to watch the people walk by and have a cool one, I no doubt will need a cool on as well after my foray into the shop.

New book: 200 Braids to twist, knot, loop or weave by Jacqui Carey. Great photos and instructions, just the thing to use for that unique finishing touch.


Heather G. said...

200,000 bolts? Sheeeeeeesh. You may need the GPS just to get OUT of there! And possibly an extra suitcase.

Marji said...

Have a fabulous trip Rosemary. I hope you take lots of pictures and bring back lots of fun stories to tell.

I have a blog to add to your daily reading - I think you'll love it.
It's called Cindy's Island, and Cindy is a Raveller that I met at the Annapolis boat show last Sept. She and her husband were just leaving to go live-aboard cruising. She writes a log which she's posting to at least once a week that is the best glimpse into liveaboard life I've come across. She's also a knitter, and they have a sewing machine on board.
I don't have it here, but the link to Cindy's Island is on my sidebar. BTW, Cindy's Island is the name of their boat.

Kazilar said...

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