Saturday, February 16, 2008

sock experiment

The tube part of the socks is done. There is a cuff at each end and I have started the first of the afterthought heels. It was a little awkward to pick up the right stitches but after a few dropped stitches I finally was on the right track. I am a little further along than the photo but not much. I am at the stage now where I hope I have enough yarn for the heels. The toes I haven't cut apart yet but I think I will be looking for some yarn to finish them off. The experiment continues.

Today, I was in a class making collaged paper dolls, I am doing three and will post pictures on my next post.


StegArt said...

Um, I have to tell you that is the strangest sock I've ever seen I think. Does this strange sock have a special name besides tube sock?

Adriana said...

Wow, what a cool sock experiment. I can't wait to see the next step.

Heather G. said...

I find myself very confused... I thought you would just knit a toe at the end of a tube, then find the right spot to cut the heel?