Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time well spent

Lately, I have spent too much time looking at Google earth. I used to put in addresses and just see what could be seen from a satelite but all that has changed since reading Maggie's blog. She bought a book on photos from outer space and then starting playing with the maps for her designs.

So I went along a canal in England, along the south coast of England, I visited Paris, Barcelona and Rome. Had a look at the Coliesuem, a garden, a few marinas. I then skipped over to Greece to see where I had stayed in Athens, I think I found it but all the street names were in Greek so it was a little challenging, but the detail now on the maps is impressive.
I checked out part of the boat route for our upcoming vacation, I could even see the oyster beds in the south of France.

I went to Vancouver Museum to see an exhibit called La Belle Epoque. For a while we were the only people in the gallery and it was a wonderful collection of dresses and accessories. A lot of the details could be used today in clothing and a few pieces were quite timeless and you could see them on the red carpet. Tiny shoes, bags and gloves and a great variety in hats. It was a really fun morning and when you can share with a friend, who appreciates the details, all the better.

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