Sunday, January 20, 2008

Foreign Studies

I have put a few challenges in my path. We are planning a vacation that will include Italy, Spain and France, so I got some language cd's from the library. I was only considering getting one at a time, but the helpful librarian insisted on setting me up with some holds and I don't think I have them all yet. I picked them up on Friday and still haven't turned them on. I am thinking one in the sewing room and maybe one in the car to start.
I hope to be able to ask a few questions about food, and directions. The rest will depend on charades!

I was over in Vancouver on Saturday and was able to pick up 2 Japanese pattern books. I am very excited to get them and the learning curve for these is pretty intense. I have found out that there is a forum to help one through the diagrams. With the Burda books, of which I am a fan, there are different lines for each size to trace. With these there is a diagram and I am not yet sure how it works exactly, but I think I must first make a sloper for my body and then alter the pattern as shown in the diagram.

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hooks'n'needles said...

Oh, they DO look challenging. You will need to have a CD to learn Japanese as well LOL