Thursday, November 8, 2007

Craft show season.

Once November starts, the craft fairs start in earnest and since Sunday I have been to two.
The first was at a local high school, there were some great booths and I bought a couple of things. My friend and I were gone a couple of hours to that one, rested two days and hit the second one this week.
Circle Craft has their big show at the Trade and Convention Centre. Lots of great stuff this year, we spent about four hours were needed and that included lunch. Kathy Ross showed some dolls made of paper, really charming and some bronze pieces.

Just down the aisle, Indigo Moon had a booth.
I fell in love with most of the yarn on the table, she had new colourways and great examples knitted up and I am really intrigued with the Landscape shawl from Fibertrends.

There was also great clothes, pottery and jewelry and chocolate.

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