Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Boston and beyond

We have managed to have good weather although the temperature has dropped quite a few degrees. Monday was Columbus day and we drove to Rockport, via Glouchester and Salem. It was too busy in Salem to even find a parking space, so we continued our drive and had a lovely time in Glouchester and I found the perfect travelling bag http://www.baggallini.com/product1.asp?product=%27BVC311%27 which I have been looking for the last few months. We also visited a lovely gallery http://www.menagegallery.com/with great furniture. Lunch was had next to the dock.

Rockport was very small but wonderful to visit and we could see a difference in the tree colour since we arrived.

Tuesday, we went in another direction down to Plymouth and part way along Cape Cod.

We went on the Mayflower, saw Plymouth Rock, a museum and drove on to the Plimoth Plantation.

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Heather G. said...

You two are really seeing some neat sights! Love the pictures!!