Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rip, Rip

I hate having to rip out my sewing. Yesterday and today that is all I seem to have done. Two Tshirts, I had to carefully rip out hemlines, necklines and sleeve hems. This was partly because the twin needle kept skipping and I had to replace it. Then I did some hems with a zigzag ---more ripping out was needed.
I tried to redraw a plain t shirt front to have a draped neck. Another failure, but I know what to do now.
Knitting, socks and scarf were ripped back a few times.
Paper dolls recut and recut. Not finished.
Then in a moment of frustration, I grabbed my old felted hat which didn't fit. So late last night, I took my rotary cutter and adjusted the curled up brim and today I took the scissors to the crown . I figure I had nothing to lose, I certainly wasn't going to wear the hat the way it was. I will leave my sewing machine for another day.

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