Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And they're off

It is not a horse race. Two friends and I are going on a fabric shopping spree down to Portland, we leave tomorrow morning and will be back on Tuesday. I have the list of shops with all the directions printed out, a few I have been to before and a few will be new to me.
Best-Friend Jacket is nearly done. I think I am taking out one seam, it is not quite right. It is heavy but I looooove it. Pictures on return.

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Louisa said...

No fair! Getting into Ravelry AND a trip to Portland with someone who loves to shop for the same things you do. Unfortunately there's still about 11,000 wild knitters in front of me in the Ravelry queue. It's my own fault - I didn't see the point at first but now I feel like I'm outside with my face pressed up to the window of the yarn store! Hope you get some great bargoons on your shopping trip.