Friday, August 17, 2007

The muse has returned

Although I have a lot of projects in the works, a lot of the time it feels like I am just getting nowhere. Usually a bunch get finished around the same time. The number of projects never decreases, because I start something new before finishing that last little bit.

This time on the boat, I packed my largest suitcase just to manage my crafts and reading materials. I read the Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan, just loved it. I had a good selection of my favorite magazines, bought new ones while away and I bought a book, read everything from cover to cover. I don't do my crafts when the boat is underway, so it is only when tied up that I accomplish anything. I have a lot of time to mull over and ponder my crafts with no distractions of a house to clean or a garden which desparately needs work. No phone and no computer.

I took 3 knitting projects and only worked on one. I took altered art supplies and made 2 ATC's, and a couple of journal pages. I took a case with hand embroidery, I didn't do that but worked on some needlecanvas, it has been a few years since I did any and I found myself getting excited about it again.

So when I found silk experiment kits, foil, puff paint, tyvek fabric and lutrador. I had ideas for dolls. I need to experiment now and see how my materials evolve.

In the meantime, I blocked the baby sweater------oh my goodness the fronts are different sizes, I was quite shocked. Not a big problem, just have to get at it and finish it.

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Adriana said...

Looks like you're doing some pretty interesting things. Can't wait to see what you come up.
I hate when pieces aren't the same size. At least you figured it out now instead of when you tried to sew it all together :)