Saturday, June 16, 2007

knitting meme

I found this meme on a blog that I have been reading "Joyce makes Art" for over a year.
She calls this " A disaster leads to a knitting meme" on June 12. TrackBack
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1 Is it about the finished item or about the process of knitting? Some of both? Has your focus changed one direction or the other over time?
For me it is mostly about the process unless it is a gift. I don't seem very focused.

#2 How do you view mistakes? Do you think they give your project character? Is it important to have one, as my Aunt says, because only God is perfect? Or would you rip all the way back to row 5 of your husband's finished sweater knit on size 3 needles to eradicate a mistake no one else would notice?

A mistake hidden under the arm, or on the back of a garment, I'd probably leave it. I am still not terribly pleased with my knitting on straights I don't have an even tension. A mistake with a big project on small needles, I wouldn't rip out immediately. I'd try to convince myself it was ok and knit another part of the project. Then I'd rip back, I would need some emotional distance before I could rip it out.

#3 Would you rather knit a project that is comfortable for your skill level, or do you prefer a challenge that requires you to figure out new things?

I'd like one of each on my needles and prefer to have two different sized needles and different yarns as well.

#4 What is something you really want to make but haven't yet? What holds you back? Is it money, skill level, time, fear of the unknown or something else?

If there is something that I want to make, nothing holds me back forever. If I have to learn a new skill set, or design it myself I will. Granted it my take me awhile to get around to actually doing it.


Joyce said...

i love your answers! you articulated something i have thought about too, without ever saying it, which is that i like having different projects at two or three different gauges, different levels of complexity, and, of course, different yarns on my needles at the same time!

Louisa said...

I usually try to fix a mistake in my knitting - if I catch it in time. Enough of them get by me without having to leave one in on purpose! And I always have more than one project going: take-along easy, more complex and needs concentration, lost interest but may come back to it later, and totally screwed up and probably should just be frogged. At least one and sometimes more of each of those!