Thursday, June 7, 2007

Back in the real world

I've been reading for the past week something that I haven't wanted to put down. I haven't been reading very much for the last couple of years except for magazines about my hobbies and blogs, the daily paper and a few paperbacks.

I saw a new book on 7 day loan at the library from Penny Vincenzi and decided a quick read wasn't for me, but on the shelves I found Sheer Abandon. It was great and I kinda wish it hadn't ended.
The next one of hers that I want to read is Absolute Scandal.

My sewing machine was out getting serviced, it runs very quietly now and that might have something to do with the fact that 2 pins were found inside the machine. I don't know how they got there and I don't have anyone to foist the blame onto. The repairman wanted to know if any little kids had access to my machine.

The best friends jacket by Sally Melville, ran into a couple of problems. I wan't happy with the body of the jacket and I decided that there would be too much weight hanging from the shoulders and that a seam would give added support. I was also having worries about how much yarn it would take. I was also concerned about the neck edge at the back. I decided to start another sleeve, and I went back to the store and bought 2 more skeins of yarn. I am thinking of using a smaller needle for the body of the jacket and changing the direction of the stitches. I have several schematics drawn of vertical, horizontal and diagonal garter stitch arrangements.

When I was knitting sock and it said to put the remaining stitches on a holder while working on the heel flap, I discovered that my denise cords were really too thick and now I have decided that I like using the nylon cord from a weed wacker. It is cheap too if bought at a dollar store.


Heather G. said...

I have never noticed patterns telling me to put the sock stitches on a holder. Weed Whacker cord sounds like a good idea. I saw someone using it to make their own circs... I think I will stick with my Addis.

Maybe William snuck over and put pins in your machine?

Adriana said...

Don't tempt me with Penny Vincenzi! I tend to devour her books. They are seriously like crack.

Louisa said...

I never use a holder for socks either. I use a set of 5 dpns with the sock stitches divided by 4 leaving one to knit with. When I get to the heel flap, I continue to knit across the first needle's stitches with the last needle so that the heel flap is on a single needle. The instep is still on its same 2 needles. I usually stick the spare into the knitting somewhere to get it out of the way but still available for later. Then I go back and forth on the flap, turn the heel, and at the next row, knit across only half of the stitches on the heel needle. I use the spare needle (the one stuck somewhere in the knitting!) to continue the other half of the flap sts and also to pick up the sts on the side of the heel flap. Carry on across the instep as usual. Use the last needle to pick up the sts on the other side of the heel flap and continue across the remaining half of the heel.

Sorry if that sounds convoluted but I find it really simple and intuitive! I hate short-row heels though - not knitting them so much but wearing them - that I only knit them that way no matter what pattern I use on the leg or top of foot. If any at all. For some reason plain socks are my favourite, both to knit and to wear.

Whew! Quite the dissertation!