Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Poppy power

This colour of poppy is my favorite. It might be fun to play witth this image, I might get around to drawing it. I haven't done any drawing for ages.
A happy accident, we obviously dug up a lot of the bearded iris and the yellow and blue were put back in the same area. I love them together and the maroon one is incredibly dark. They are all strong smelling and I don't find it a pleasant fragrance.
So today, was dyeing day for the sock yarn challenge between the Friends Knit Together girls and me. We sent pictures either by email or snail of a colour scheme to aim towards. I can't post the pictures until they receive them and it will be lucky if they get in the mail tomorrow. I dyed the silk and wool and the wool with the donegal tweed from Knitpicks. I did one skein for myself. I was trying for pastel for my self, lets just say parts of it are. The donegal flecks are neat as well.
My yarn hasn't arrived yet, although the tracking on the package says it has been delivered. The tracking lies.
I am off shopping tomorrow, French Laundry, is closing their Main Street location and of course the fabric is on sale. 8000 metres, cotton, knits, lace, between $3 and $10 per metre. I only made up the denim that I bought last year, but I wear that outfit constantly.
Knitting, I was merrily knitting along on the baby jacket and was ready to cast off the shoulder seam on the front when I realized I hadn't done the neck shaping. It has been ripped back. My jacket, I have reached the body and the enormous caston. I will knit a couple of rows and then try to see if it needs to be ripped back or not. I'll be settling in to watch Canada's next top model and So you think you can dance, I like knitting along while watching mindless tv.


Adriana said...

I'm glad the yarn finally arrived. I'll be calling Canada Post to find out what happened on their website.
I'm excited to get my yarn. I've already got a couple of patterns in mind.
The flowers look lovely. It's times like this that I wish I had a house with a garden.

Heather G. said...

We are more than a little jealous of your flowers 'round here. I will tell Mom about the number of poppies you said you have!