Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It is another sunny day, so I hope spring has finally come to stay. This picture was taken a week ago, hubby out with some students. I am glad someone took pictures of our boat, and has let me post them here.

Lost and found:

I still haven't found one piece of fabric, of course it is the favorite one I bought in Greece. I have unpacked all 23 boxes, and am trying to sort and put things where they belong. I found nearly 900 gms of fleece, at the bottom of a laundry hamper, filled with bolts of fabric. I won't say how old it is. It does need a wash, and then carded. I am really tempted to get a new spindle. I have seen some I love to touch. I love the feel of wood and am thinking of going out to the fibre show at the Tradex in May.

A link to another fibre festival was posted on another group I belong to, certainly can't get to them all. http://www.fibrefestival.com/ Take a look at the trunk show that is going to be there, I wouldn't mind seeing that .

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Adriana said...

That's a lovely picture. You must be having so much fun.

That trunk show sounds like it's not to be missed. Will you be able to attend it?

Good luck finding your missing fabric.