Monday, April 23, 2007

sewing room

This section of the room is now done, I went off to Ikea yesterday and bought the magazine holders and the white boxes in the tv stand, for patterns.
Now it is just the worst section of the room to complete. I need to get started on painting my sewing desk. There are still several boxes, laundry baskets full of stuff, fabric mostly, the question is where can I store these. I really need a sewing binge. I'd also like to see my dining room table.
Only a few more rows left on the shawl, they are just taking longer and longer.

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Heather G. said...

Mike was drooling over those same magazine holders when we were last at Ikea. Apple, tree, etc.

I am reading quilting tutorials and making a list of things I need. I blame you and Adriana! My sewing plans have been kickstarted... you will see why when I post tonight!