Thursday, April 5, 2007

Choose your sock yarn

I've been wasting time, if that is what you call blog reading. I have been having fun.
I first found this sock yarn store at the Gibson's fibre festival last summer. I'd love to drop in one day when I am on my sail boat. In the meantime, looking on line is lots of fun. I haven't yet ordered from them.
I am not quite half way through the second sock.

The yarn dye challenge is not making any progress yet, one of my nephews requested socks! I was shocked, I haven't measured his feet or chosen a colour, but I do think superwash is the way to go. Last year I made fingerless gloves for all the young women of my family. I am thinking I probably have enough socks for myself for the next while so maybe I'll try a few socks for others this year.

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Heather G. said...

Huh! Which nephew? Must be a smart one to ask for socks!