Tuesday, March 27, 2007

socks again

I am loving these socks, my 13th pair. I am doing a heel flap again, once I have done the gusset, I'll try them on to see if it goes over the heel.
I seem to have better luck getting the correct length with this kind of heel. The colours don't repeat until the heel flap which I think is neat.
Sewing room update:
The floor is down and we are now waiting for baseboards to be painted and installed. We have bought all the electrical plugs, switches in white, a new ceiling light and bulbs and hopefully that won't take too long to install. Then I will consider painting the desk and the tv stand.


Adriana said...

That's a good looking sock!

Heather G. said...

Nice to hear the sewing room is coming along so well. 13 pairs of socks? You are a sock machine!