Monday, March 26, 2007

Promises of Spring.

After a very wet March, rain 20 out of 23 days, it is finally sunny. Everyone was out walking yesterday and if they didn't have a dog with them, they had a camera.

In one of the local gardens, not many daffs yet but I did find a camelia that wasn't drowned by the rain. The rain ruins the blooms very quickly.

The skunk cabbage isn't considered a garden plant here, but in England it is an exotic addition to the garden. Although it didn't smell yesterday, little children were running around saying "yeuwie skunk cabbage".

The first of the rhodos, delicate yellow. This garden is next to the grocery store and is a nice reward after picking up supplies.

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Heather G. said...

Oh man, those flowers are just gorgeous!!! No flowers here in the city just yet, though Mom had some snowdrops peeking out when we were there last. I will have to point her over here.

I heard on the news that today was finally a nice day out your way.