Monday, February 5, 2007

New Blouse

I finally got to wear my new blouse. Vogue7876, there were many trials and tribulations getting this to work. In the end, it was comfortable, the v neck didn't gape and I felt good.
I am not sure that I would use this pattern again, as I don't think I have the waistline for it. I didn't like the tie to the ring on the other side. I learn't alot about fitting, which is a good thing and I feel more confident about getting other blouses to fit better now.
The blouse is also 100% polyester which dosen't breathe.
I have a couple of muslins cut out and ready to sew. I'd like to see how they work as they are both knits with lycra.


Heather G. said...

Looks great! I have been neglecting my blogs this week.

Too bad the fabric doesn't breathe, it looks great!

Adriana said...

The blouse looks great! Got anything on the needles?

My computer is finally fixed so now I can get back to reading knitting blogs!