Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sewing lessons

I haven't worked with wool fabric for a long time. My DIL brought her skirt material and lining from LA Fabrics in Toronto. Butterick pattern,4613, a straight skirt with the flounce. I had a few challenges with the invisible zip, and she had a few with the seams themselves, she hadn't done darts before. So cutting out slippery lining, learning about nap fabrics, how to press and all the other myriad of things long time sewers take for granted, was quite the learning curve. The finished skirt looked fabulous. Then there was enough left over for a vest.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

2 bags

I have enjoyed using 2 knit bags. My everyday bag is the Numbers bag, love the shape and it was fun to knit. I made it two years ago. I used Stretto and Lopi to make it.

I finally used the little drawstring bag last night, it has been made for a couple of years from an Interweave mag pattern, I didn't have enough beads but my beads were a little larger than called for so I changed it a little. It was made with Koigu KPPM from London Ontario. I was at a casino night so wanted my purse on my arm.

I spent my casino funds at the auction afterwards. I'll be ready to party this Christmas.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Exploding Garland

I was trying something new this year, with a fake garland going down the outside bannister. Years ago, I bought a big bag of metallic pears and apples of silver, gold and copper, from a garage sale. I think they were from a store display and were a little worse for wear but I thought, paper mache, and a bit of paint they'd be great. That crafy project never got started, so I just put them on a tree on the porch for the Christmas season. Out of the rain and snow, they added a glimmer to the entry.

Yikes, I put them up on Sunday morning and this morning after a night of freezing and a light snow. Those neat pears and apples--not so good, rather like rotting fruit without the smell.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Two Dolls.

The dark doll is made of Papervol, which is a glue like substance which coats all the pieces of fabric which are wrapped over the wire armature. The base is a wooden fence filial covered in a paper towel dipped in Papervol. This is waterproof and is able to be outside but not perhaps in the strong hot sun. I based her on a fashion model uncomfortably balanced on a perch. Her name " On Edge".

This doll is from a challenge based on a package or wrapped gift. She is based on a traditional Christmas cracker. The bottom two layers of her dress can be pulled apart, one end goes over her torso and head, with bows tied on the end, she looks like a very large cracker that you would pull apart to get your party hat. The outer layer of the cracker is gold Christmas fabric and the dress fabric is covered with gold snowflakes. Her hair is needlefelted with gold angelina fibers added for sparkle.

They will be in a doll exhibit at Ron Andrews recreation centre for the month of December starting on the second.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Library Knitting books.

I've had a couple of books out lately, although I find my fiction books much more compelling. Knitting Lessons is really about the process, how people have been caught up with knitting, what they learn about themselves and knitting. Mother of Purl is another interesting book, I liked the format of the book, there are a few patterns for simple tops that I am quite intriqued with and am considering knitting them up.

I have been working on a doll tonight, I am redoing the head, arms and legs of a doll that I had made for a challenge last Christmas. There is an exhibit in a couple of weeks, so I am happy with her new head, I needlefelted her hair and added angelina fibers for a bit of sparkle. The legs took a couple of hours and the arms so far about 3 hours, now it is time to stuff them. The hands aren't perfect yet but her old hands were ugly and I have more hope for this pair.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Better Way to Purl

My tension in stocking stitch, when working on straights, is uneven. With baby cardigans I tend to just plod along hoping that the interesting texture that results will be OK. I have pondered and questioned is it the knit stitch or the purl stitch causing the problem? Do I have to make swatches of different size needles and perhaps different colours of yarn for the purl and knit stitches? Being lazy, it has taken a few months in the planning of solving this problem.

I had never read an Elizabeth Zimmerman book before last week, I got Knitting without Tears from the local library. On page 17, for left handed knitters, she explains the easy way of looping the yarn on the purl stitch. Then, she explains, the slightly more complex version, which in her opinion is better. I gave it a whirl with some scarf yarn, my tension looks better. I may be still fooling myself, but I am not ready to try with some plain colour yarn. With the varigated yarn, I am quite pleased and one day I will put some other yarn to the test.

Adriana asked questions awhile back, the shoes aren't too bad, wearable. Don's scarf was made with a skein of Plassard Symphonie and one skein of Kid Super 100% Austrailan Merino.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

For Remembrance

November 11, Remembrance day for Canadians. A day for wreaths of poppies at the Cenotaph, thanksgiving for the solders who gave their lives while fighting for peace, a day of ceremony and a prayer for peace.
My dad's medals are saved in a box along with a few papers other keepsakes, and buttons from this uniform. I remember going to watch the parade of veterans at the cenotaph, as a child, but what I remember most are the poppies.
They weren't always a piece of velvet vinyl, at one time they were made of cloth. I don't know who made them, I suppose it was the women's auxiliary. My grandma had a pincushion on her dressing table, covered with the poppies that she had collected over the years. The pincushion was faded blue and the poppies had faded as well. I suppose since the poppies were cloth, instead of vinyl, they clung to the coat, not like today, when I generally have to buy 2 0r 3 per season.(November 1-11)
I am going to France in the spring and one of the must see stops for me will by Vimy Ridge.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Craft show season.

Once November starts, the craft fairs start in earnest and since Sunday I have been to two.
The first was at a local high school, there were some great booths and I bought a couple of things. My friend and I were gone a couple of hours to that one, rested two days and hit the second one this week.
Circle Craft has their big show at the Trade and Convention Centre. Lots of great stuff this year, we spent about four hours were needed and that included lunch. Kathy Ross showed some dolls made of paper, really charming and some bronze pieces.

Just down the aisle, Indigo Moon had a booth.
I fell in love with most of the yarn on the table, she had new colourways and great examples knitted up and I am really intrigued with the Landscape shawl from Fibertrends.

There was also great clothes, pottery and jewelry and chocolate.

Friday, November 2, 2007

V8324, V8322, KS T and J Crossover.

The look on my face says it all, lets get these pictures taken, I felt the blog needed photos. First up is my latest blouse, V8324 with sleeves from V8322.
There was a good sale on patterns at Fabricland, so I decided to try Vogue again. I still have problems getting the right size and the neck is still quite large. It was comfortable to wear but it was difficult fabric to sew. It was hard to press. It is a satin backed poly crepe.
This one is a little wild looking but I love wearing it, it is very light, dosen't crease and made from the basic Kwiksew Tee shirt.
This fabric is a brushed poly knit, very comfortable and is the Jalie Cross over top. I bought this fabric in Toronto. I should probably fix the neck a bit, it is good when I stand but when I sit, it is a little low and gapes a tad.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Storage and retrevial

I have usually been able to find whatever I have lost or misplaced. Mind you, somethings have taken a little longer to find than I wanted to spend looking. I have occasionally needed to buy replacements, scissors, seam rippers, lots of the same colour of thread, knitting needles etc.

I usually lose stuff, when I have decided to reorganize. There it is neat and tidy in the new allotted space and now unrecognizable. So what is lost? My Halloween stuff, I moved it during the last year, I think it is in a box now but I wasn't able to find the box today. So no outdoor or indoor decorations. I did have candy, so I guess the most important stuff was available for the "trick or treaters" that came to the door.

Knitting: I quite often work with my own design, let's face it, I usually do plain scarves and socks. Any notes become obsolete and lost, obsolete because I generally rip out, start over, more than twice a project. Needles changes, cast on changes all happen on a regular basis. I do take photos and some years I make extensive lists. 2006 I had a great list of projects. This years list was abandoned at the end of March.
I have photographed most of my knitting, of course, I just dumped it into the computer and didn't always rename the jpg, somethings ended up under the wrong file. So now, when I am starting to upload into Ravelry and Flicker, I am having trouble finding certain finished projects.
I have been looking at everything, filed in my personal files and didn't find it all. Some things are back in 2005, and not renamed. Obviously, I have some reorganizing to do on the computer as well.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Que or not to Que.

I am slowly discovering different parts of Ravelry. I really like looking at the different designers and their creations. I have been rather lax at posting pictures of my stash, although a good portion of it has been photographed. Also plain socks, how many do people want to see. I do like having a record in one place, so it look like I will gradually put pictures on line.

The question is the Que. There are some incredibly long lists out there. I did buy yarn with projects in mind but don't know if I'll ever get to them. I'd probably list Christmas things. I sort of work with the yarn I am drawn too at the time, can I find the right size needles, is it an easy knit, can I figure out the pattern.

I do have some socks on the needles right now, but I ripped out sweatpea and I am knitting plain socks instead.

A couple of dolls are calling my name and I have been attaching one bead at a time and have taken a few hours doing that.

My new jeans fit so well, I am attempting to trace out a pattern off them. I should have that done by tomorrow.

New clothes

I have been sewing clothes, before I went to Boston, I made a knit T shirt and a knit cross over top. One blouse lately from a couple of Vogue patterns, it worked out OK but not perfect. The skirt I had to junk. PUCKERS. yikes. The fabric was a bear, it had been given to me, sort of a polyester satin backed crepe. No pictures yet.

Then I went shopping, most times I find nothing but this time I was lucky. Jeans that fit, 2 jackets, one black wool and one rust zip jacket in suede fabric. One blouse, rather low neck with a gathered sort of body, I think I may need a black top to wear underneath, it will need long sleeves as well.

When I was in Boston, I found shoes that I liked, they didn't have my size and I wasn't sure I wanted to order and wait for them to be mailed. Back home, couldn't find the shoes or my size. I was told to go on line and a store here would order them for me. I phoned Tallcrest, shoes only over size 10-- at least they knew the shoe, said there was some in the East.
Although they said that they would take 5-10 days, they arrived in 2 days. Brown shoes with a heel that I can wear.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scarf is done.

A Scarf Askew is finished. I wrote before about doing a fibonaci series at the same time and had groups of numbers written down to keep me on track. I was right to be worried about running out of black, I did and that resulted in some bizarre moments where I had to undo my cast-on row and two rows of garter stitch at the beginning of the scarf. There is a long section in the middle without stripes. My hubby doesn't want to loop the scarf around his neck, so it just warms the back of his neck and fills in the front of his jacket, if the zip isn't done up.

We are actually having a second day of sunshine in a row. I did take the picture when it was still raining this morning.

Friday, October 19, 2007

UFO's, what's the problem?

There has been a lot of talk on Knitting Daily about UFO's and how many people will admit to having?
I have UFO's in every type of craft that I try to do. I feel that I thrive on the mixture of things in progress.
Sewing: blouses wait for buttons, hand sewing waits until I watch tv, when I am frustrated with a project it may just hang on a hanger for a good period of time until I come up with a solution but if it is the fit or needs too much unpicking, it will probably get chucked after a period of time when I am no longer attached to the work I have tried to complete.
Jewellry: usually needs something to be done.
Knitting: usually only 2 or 3 things on the needles, I don't keep good notes and can't figure out where I left off if I have left it alone for too long.
Dolls: I need a deadline to get them finished. One box has a few extra arms, legs and heads.
Cards and Paper Crafting: oh boy, there is a lot of stuff involved and I like to work on conponents, so that if I get the urge to create I can just grab a few finished conponents to get me going.
So for me I am trying to organize my stuff, so that I can easily find what I need when the creative urge to finish something up hits.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The end of the vacation.

Friday, we drove out to Salem a drizzly day, and we walked around taking in the sites. My big favorite was the Peabody Essex Museum, first it is a wonderfully airy space. A great collection of things including ship figure heads and lots of scrimshaw. A special exhibit on origami and I loved the horses from one sheet of piece of paper.

Saturday, we went to a different hotel closer to the airport. We took the Logan shuttle to the airport and then another shuttle to the hotel. Since it was a sunny day, we wanted to go to the USS. Constitution, we ended up on shuttle buses, the T, to get to North Station and then walked across the Charles River to the Charleston Navy Yard and got in line for the tour. We were both surprised that everyone had to undergo a security check, like the airport. We had a good tour and then walked back to the T.

Sunday was another beautiful day although windy. We returned to Faneuil hall, looked in more shops and went down to Boston Common, the trees are just starting to turn colours and are not near as developed as in Northampton. We did a block of the famous Newbury Street which is very high end.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Arts and Crafts

Yesterday, we made it to NorthHampton to the Webs store and it did not disappoint. I was overwhelmed in the main store and couldn't make up my mind. I also made it to the back room. OMG unbelieveable. I finally just bought a couple of balls of Trekking Pro Natura sock yarn. Heather will get to choose one, the next time we get together. We then had a great sandwich for lunch.

Next on the agenda was Stow, the home of Quilting Arts magazine. After a lovely ride through the country on a grey day, we found the store quite easily. The store owner was packing up many boxes for the Houston Quilt show, there was a great assortment of things to chose from, books galore, I got 2, dyed silk rods, rubber stamps and I bought some mermaid stamps for my altered art as well. I forgot to get a photo at Webs, but I am happily clutching my stash after shopping at the Quilting Arts store.
On the way back to the motel, we stopped at the mall in Woburn and went into the Fabric Place, mostly household and quilting fabrics. The fashion fabrics were a good selection but fancier than I need in my wardrobe. There was also a good selection of knitting yarns and books.

Today, was a bit drizzly but we didn't get too wet. We went to the Museum of Fine Art and it lived up to its reputation. The Monets were wonderful, saw some great contemporary art, interesting shoes and then we had a great Asian Shrimp salad for lunch.

From there we saw a small section of Copely square and had a look at expensive clothing and shoes. Really neat stuff.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Boston and beyond

We have managed to have good weather although the temperature has dropped quite a few degrees. Monday was Columbus day and we drove to Rockport, via Glouchester and Salem. It was too busy in Salem to even find a parking space, so we continued our drive and had a lovely time in Glouchester and I found the perfect travelling bag which I have been looking for the last few months. We also visited a lovely gallery great furniture. Lunch was had next to the dock.

Rockport was very small but wonderful to visit and we could see a difference in the tree colour since we arrived.

Tuesday, we went in another direction down to Plymouth and part way along Cape Cod.

We went on the Mayflower, saw Plymouth Rock, a museum and drove on to the Plimoth Plantation.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Such a good day

Our first day in Boston was fabulous. Hot and sunny, we took the subway into town and walked everywhere. Tomorrow we are taking a tour. We went to the Faneuil Hall and the Quincy market, lots of street entertainers. Break dancing which was great. We walked along parts of the Freedom trail and we found the architecture so different from at home. We walked to Boston Common and had a rest in the shade and then walked another mile or so to the train station. The Boston Garden was at the same stop, so we went to the Celtic's store and looked at the souvenirs.
The two statues were so good, they fooled a lot of people, wonderful to watch them. Click on the photos to make them bigger.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Off to Boston and the Green Hat

Ever since I took the picture of the hat, I haven't been happy with it. I was bored lately and took the scissors to it. The shape is definitely better but I am no further and haven't posed with it on yet.
I have been quiet but busy.
Sewing:Two knit tops have been made and they are comfortable to wear, I took a couple of lousy pictures. I have nearly made a housecoat just the sideseams to finish off.

Sproingy is now finished, I'll be looking for some more of this yarn, a different colour maybe.

This a Scarf Askew done with a fibonaci sequence. The pattern is on Magknits.The multicolour has a black thread twisted in it, I don't have as much black yarn but so far I like the sequence.

When we're in Boston, I hope to get to Webs, it is only a hundred miles away, so I read the blog to see what was happening in the store. She announced a great give away contest to promote a new book. There are going to be 101 winners, although judging by the number of Lotto tickets I buy without winning, the odds are not good for me. Go to the site and maybe you'll have more luck.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rip, Rip

I hate having to rip out my sewing. Yesterday and today that is all I seem to have done. Two Tshirts, I had to carefully rip out hemlines, necklines and sleeve hems. This was partly because the twin needle kept skipping and I had to replace it. Then I did some hems with a zigzag ---more ripping out was needed.
I tried to redraw a plain t shirt front to have a draped neck. Another failure, but I know what to do now.
Knitting, socks and scarf were ripped back a few times.
Paper dolls recut and recut. Not finished.
Then in a moment of frustration, I grabbed my old felted hat which didn't fit. So late last night, I took my rotary cutter and adjusted the curled up brim and today I took the scissors to the crown . I figure I had nothing to lose, I certainly wasn't going to wear the hat the way it was. I will leave my sewing machine for another day.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Best Friend Jacket

I am done and I have a bit of yarn leftover, and am now contemplating a collar. Slinging a purse over my shoulder tends to pull at the neckline. I went to the store where I bought the yarn and they were happy to see it made up and it was fun to wear as I got comments everywhere. I have done a few changes to the pattern, mostly because I used cotton and thought it might be too heavy thru the shoulders, so I added yokes to the front and back and used moss stitch to help stablize the cotton. I wasn't sure of the size. I like the fit, it could be an inch or two looser but if I lose weight which is the plan it will be just right. It was perfect to wear today, it was a lovely fall day. The forecast is for rain the rest of the week. So it is probably a jacket that will only get a couple of months wear a year.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the Fabtour 2007

Just a little yarn from Japan, wool and intended for a new scarf from a shop in Portland called Knit,Purl.
Books from Barnes and Noble and 50 % off one book. I am loving all three.

Craft goodies, bits for dolls, altered art, book binding, jewellry etc. Fabric from 3 stores, upper fabric is bamboo jersey knit, nylon mesh on the left and tencel on the right.
My friends and I had a good time on our Fabtour of Portland with a stop over in Issaquah and two stops in Tacoma, we saw Dale Chiluey glass installations, great clothes in several locations and ate good food. Lots of laughs and we were exhausted on return.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And they're off

It is not a horse race. Two friends and I are going on a fabric shopping spree down to Portland, we leave tomorrow morning and will be back on Tuesday. I have the list of shops with all the directions printed out, a few I have been to before and a few will be new to me.
Best-Friend Jacket is nearly done. I think I am taking out one seam, it is not quite right. It is heavy but I looooove it. Pictures on return.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Two fibre experiments

The Lutrador and Lace experiment is nearly done and I think it will become a journal cover. I was going for a verdigris look. It feels quite rough still and not the kind of finish that I like on the cover of a journal. I like it to feel sleek in my hands and this one needs something else. I still might add some Rub and Buff metallic and parts may be cut off for artist trading cards. I love the part with the doily and the parts that have been pulled out of the scrim.

This little heart is an experiment with Angelina hot fix fibres and textiva which is also fusible. I was thinking of wings for a doll, when I added all the other bits on top it is leaning more to Victoria Secret models with their wings. For the knitters and spinners out there, there are 2 types of angelina fibres and some are not heat set. The Textiva the film, is sugar plum, opal sparkle on top of green peacock flash. Pink tingle and blue angelina fibres.

You can click on the photos to see more detail.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


A few last days of summer are promised for the weekend and this is the last of the summer sewing. Linen/rayon capris with seersucker trim at the hem and a waistline finish with a petersham ribbon. It is comfortable to wear and I had been hoping to wear this outfit in Toronto 6 weeks ago, that deadline kind of slipped away from me. The blouse I played around with a bit, the linen facing has been interfaced with silk organza and the buttons are stacked. A rather garish lime green pearl button has been topped with another light coloured pearl button.
These fabrics were picked up at Frou Frou when they shut the doors here and moved the factory to China. The seersucker was just off cuts and the green was an end of the bolt. Maximum cost was $30 and so far, one skirt, one cropped pants, two linen tops, one seersucker top with linen trim and a batik top with linen trim. When I add in a brown linen skirt it is a good combination for travelling.
My next deadline is to get a knitted sweater(jacket) done by Wednesday. It should be possible.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Irons in the fire.

Just a short post to say, I have received my invitation to Ravelry. I am now one of 11,000plus members. I am looking forward to organizing my projects.

I have been busy at trying to finish several projects.

Knitting: Best friends jacket, I am getting close to 80 % finished.

Two pairs of socks untouched since Aug 1, when I was on the plane.

Sewing: Finished the capris in linen today and the seersucker top just needs buttons and buttonholes. I will be stacking 2 different buttons together to get the look I want.

Fibre experiments: I am trying to do a piece for the Lutrador and Lace challenge and will post a picture tomorrow. I have the third layer of paint drying.

Fabrics: The samples I ordered from Timmels has arrived.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Unknown Journey

So the question is, where am I going with my experiments with Lutrador? It is a spun polyester that can be dyed, melted, stitched and printed on an ink jet. So this is just the beginning. For these samples I have machine stitched, dropped seta silk dye drops, sprayed with water, heated with a heat gun and applied puff paint. I did heat the puff paint with my heat gun, then got impatient, poked at it and tried ironing it. Flattened the puff paint out, then I added distress ink stamp pads. No photo of that yet. I think I need a hotter heat gun. I have very light lacey effect in the 70 gm piece. I have no plans for these pieces other than their own little journal.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The learning curve.

It has been many years since I started school but September always gives me a little buzz. I like the new start and I am ready to learn new things.

This morning there was just over 300 people ahead of me on the invite list to Ravelry. I haven't photographed my stash but I think there are quite a few pictures I have taken since I got a digital camera and I should find plenty to upload.

I need to sit here a bit longer and get 200 pictures saved to disc and taken in and get printed, the cost is only 15 cents a picture now and it sure would save a lot of time to just get them done then to sit at the computer and do it. It would save a lot of ink as well.

I bought my first 'zine. I have a year subscription to Fibre and Stitch, and there is also a yahoo group for subscribers. This is going to be so much fun and I was very impressed with the first magazine. I started experimenting with lutrador(polyester web), silk dyes, machine stitchery and puff paint. I was a bit impatient with the puff paint, flattened it a bit so then needed some ink on it. Needs more work yet. I am thinking of putting my experiments into a book for reference.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two gifts are ready

The baby gift is done, I made the largest size and this will no doubt fit the big sister. The big sister is getting the doll quilt trimmed with her favorite colour pink. I figure that all little children like to play with the little tuffs of wool holding it together. I love the little square button on the sweater, the design echos the moss stitch.

Hollyhocks from next door. It is such a great colour.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Book

Quite awhile ago I read the Mermaid's chair and at the time I was planning another doll, I had visions of my mermaid chair as floating in the water. I still haven't figured out how to do this in reality but my vision is still exciting to me. Lately, I saw the movie
on tv, it was staring Kim Bassinger and a great deal of it was filmed in B.C., although I have to confess I don't know where the beach was located.
Maggie, mentioned on her blog that The Time Traveller's Wife, a favorite. It is a favorite of mine as well, I understand it is being made into a movie staring Eric Bana.

Loss of a dollmaker

One of my doll making mentors has passed away. Susanna Oroyan, was only 65 but had had cancer for the last few years. Her books of which I have four, opened up the world of doll making to me. It is hard to pick my favorite book. Anatomy of a Doll, had such a different approach and a gallery of dolls I had never seen or imagined. Glancing through the pages today, reminds me I have forgotten a lot of different things I could be doing to improve my dolls.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The muse has returned

Although I have a lot of projects in the works, a lot of the time it feels like I am just getting nowhere. Usually a bunch get finished around the same time. The number of projects never decreases, because I start something new before finishing that last little bit.

This time on the boat, I packed my largest suitcase just to manage my crafts and reading materials. I read the Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan, just loved it. I had a good selection of my favorite magazines, bought new ones while away and I bought a book, read everything from cover to cover. I don't do my crafts when the boat is underway, so it is only when tied up that I accomplish anything. I have a lot of time to mull over and ponder my crafts with no distractions of a house to clean or a garden which desparately needs work. No phone and no computer.

I took 3 knitting projects and only worked on one. I took altered art supplies and made 2 ATC's, and a couple of journal pages. I took a case with hand embroidery, I didn't do that but worked on some needlecanvas, it has been a few years since I did any and I found myself getting excited about it again.

So when I found silk experiment kits, foil, puff paint, tyvek fabric and lutrador. I had ideas for dolls. I need to experiment now and see how my materials evolve.

In the meantime, I blocked the baby sweater------oh my goodness the fronts are different sizes, I was quite shocked. Not a big problem, just have to get at it and finish it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Boating adventures.

We have just come back home after 8 days on the boat. We visited some of the old haunts from years ago, Montague Harbour on Galiano, Ganges on Saltspring Island and Sidney. In Sidney we visited with family, with friends and shopping. I found a big garden pot, my dh carried it down to the boat and it resided in the V berth until we were home.

This is going to be used for my fountain, I'd better get it up and running fairly soon or summer will be over.

Ganges was wonderful, a workout on my visa card. I found a hat, that shelters my eyes and my head doesn't get too hot. Just a knitted bucket hat, of wool and hemp made with love in China. I found a quilting store, fabric, then discovered the wool and then a few fabrics used in altered textiles that one burns for an unique effect, puff paint and foils. Great fun. I also got a experiment kit from Stef Francis. Ohh, it was a good day. I'll take more pictures tomorrow.

At low tide, I could see starfish on the pylons under the dock. Two were trapped in the rotted out section of the dock support.